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Pamela Tripp Author - OptimizedPamela M. Tripp, MEd, MSOM, and CEO of CommWell Health, is a passionate healthcare culture expert, mentor, author, and speaker. Now available at bookstores everywhere, her book The Culture Cure: Transforming the Modern Healthcare System, shares the proven plan that can heal healthcare organizations of every size and type. Unlike the hypothetical solutions spouted by many, Pamela’s book describes the actual pathway that has been successfully used in large organizations to resurrect a collapsing healthcare network.

Pamela demonstrates that modern transformational healthcare leaders realize work culture has everything to do with the quality of patient care provided, financial sustainability, and governance accountability. It is her desire that The Culture Cure will bring attention to the fact that any organization can obtain a culture of excellence with measurable data. Behind her book is a blueprint for culture transformation titled Corporate Transcendence.

Read The Culture Cure, and you will be reaching for the Corporate Transcendence curriculum the author has developed over her long career that will lead the way for transforming the modern healthcare system to be the best in the world.

Current CEO of CommWell Health, the poster child for The Culture Cure’s Corporate Transcendence Curriculum, Pamela sees the power of a healthy culture every day at work. Pamela presently serves on Health Choice Network Board of Directors, representing a nationwide network of Community Health Centers. She was awarded the first Presidential Founders award from Custom Learning Systems of Canada for exemplary leadership in Healthcare. She is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and earned VIP status in the National Association of Professional Women. She is founder of the Johnston Community College “Women In Leadership” Endowment. Certified Mentor by leadership expert John C. Maxwell, Pamela has had extensive training and experience developing the leadership within her own organization and every one she has touched.

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The Culture Cure by Pamela Tripp

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