Corporate Transcendence is not a Dream

I have spent half of my healthcare career in personal research and experimentation on how organizations can create, sustain, and continually improve to make their excellence tomorrow, greater than their excellence today.

A system of excellence that sets colleagues, leaders, and management up for success so they can successfully meet all the many competing needs and challenges within the healthcare environment. I felt there had to be a formula, curriculum, or some type of strategic initiative to make this happen. To accept the status quo seemed to be settling for much less than humans were designed for.

What I have learned after many years is:

  1. Nothing about being excellent in any organization is random. Excellence must be by intentional design, just like transformation does not drop down from the sky, it is an intentional process.
  2. Any organization such as nonprofit, for profit, faith based, government, education can achieve a culture of excellence regardless of how dysfunctional, or financially challenged.
  3. Culture is the foundation that all excellence grows from.

I personally witnessed an organization that was desperate for a culture cure and corporate transcendence. The company was so deep in debt that the lawyers strongly encouraged filing bankruptcy. They continued on and decided that they would bet on themselves, using an intentional culture curriculum that transformed their people and thus, their organization. Almost immediately after implementing this curriculum, Corporate Transcendence, there was a new pulse felt among colleagues in the organization, a new birth was taking place in the organization. Liken a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Hope replaced despair.

Momentum for excellence, innovation, and going above and beyond became the norm. This transforming culture was created from the personal and professional growth experience by each colleague, leader, and manager as part of the Corporate Transcendence curriculum.
From my experiences I have learned that there are 3 essential elements needed for an organization to transform their environment to continuous excellence.

3 Essential Elements for Continuous Excellence:

  1. Committed leaders
  2. Engaged and empowered employees
  3. Culture system blueprint

To break this down more, notice that the first 2 components represent people, and the third component represents relationships of people.
These three components can create a culture that heals, or without these elements, a culture that harms, regardless of the type of organization it is or its existing challenges.

Let’s focus on these essential components to creating an organization that is not just excellent, but transcendent.

An organization that is always going above their yesterday. Making their excellence tomorrow always greater than their excellence today. A transcendent organization made up of people, systems, and processes that deliver this promise.

I have learned in life there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than working alongside others to create something out of nothing. That is why I am seen as a transformational and turnaround expert. Not because I like hardships, but because I know that challenges and disappointments are only temporary, when there are forward minded leaders and colleagues, integrated within an intentional system for cultural excellence, Corporate Transcendence.

Corporate Transcendence’s intentional step-by-step process delivers the essential outcomes, and performance measures needed to lift the key areas of culture, quality, finance, and government in any organization.

Key areas are monitored and reported in a value-based dashboard, benchmarking the established corporate goals for the Corporate Transcendence organization.

A learning environment that promotes continuous improvement and innovation demonstrate the desired improvements in strategic initiatives found in the Culture, Quality, Finance, and Governance of the organization. Governance being all the regulatory, and compliance areas for businesses today.

To work in a transcendent environment, colleagues come to expect that everything that is done on a daily basis will be continually improved, and they will have an active role in this occurring. Colleagues and leaders will continually grow on a personal and professional basis, and find genuine satisfaction in being part of authentic, high reliable organization.

Transcendent thinking people and organization do not settle for average; they know they can be phenomenal. They will not live small, because they know they can soar like eagles. One of my favorite sayings is “Close the door to ordinary, and open your life up to extraordinary.” Live your life of transcendence, with and for others!

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