July 4th: We Celebrate

Seeing Red, White, and Blue

There is nothing more beautiful than to see the Red, White, and Blue decorations displayed in wonderful ways on July 4th. I am fortunate to spend Independence Day with my family and many times on the fourth at our family beach home. Seeing firecrackers going off in multiple places lighting up the sky makes the fourth fun and festive. Even as an adult, I still love to twirl around with sparklers in my hands. The smell of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and fresh corn on the grill is so delicious, Yum Yum! Not to mention the anticipation of waiting for our homemade ice cream to finishing making. A perfect dessert to a wonderful meal.

The American Flag

There is something about our American Flag, our Old Glory flying on porches of houses that just lifts my heart and reminds me of how blessed I have been to be born in American. How, as an American, our independence has been protected and fought for and ultimately sacrificed for by the deaths of many service men and women. I am so grateful for our military branches and these brave men and women. I pray for their safety as they to keep American safe and free!

July 4th is a Holiday that brings family and friends together. May we never forget how blessed we are to live in the blessed United States of America!

Happy July 4th!

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