Put the CARE back in CAREGIVER

Put the CARE back in CAREGIVER

When healthcare colleagues are cared for, it transforms them from healthcare workers into caregivers. When the work environment is filled with engaged, compassionate, empathetic colleagues, who are personally satisfied and happy with their workplace, there is a direct correlation in creating a positive patient experience.

Therefore patient experience and colleague engagement and satisfaction directly relates. Leaders must remember that workplace culture is the glue that develops engaged colleagues and hardwire this infrastructure as priority. Leaders have to assess their survey rating from patient experience, with the backdrop of their current state of culture within the workplace.

Employee engagement must always be top priority focus, and it is senior leadership who must develop this culture of excellence based on core values. As the top leadership expert in the world, John Maxwell states it very clearly, “ Everything rises and falls on leadership!”

Whether the patient is being wheeled into the emergency room or to the surgical suite, their experience is a direct result of how colleagues interact within their workplace environment.

The Key to Patient Care is Employee Care

In a recent DATIS survey on Work Management Trends of 280 executives in Health and Human Service, the number one ranking emerging trend for 2017 was “Employee Engagement & Satisfaction.” The second trend was “Recruiting & Retention.” Both of these are Key Performance Measurements for possessing a culture of caring and positive patient experience.

The culture is the foundation on which all other life-saving functions rest. It is the pulse and breath of the daily operations. It will establish itself with patients as either a culture that heals, or a culture that kills; a Promised Land, or a wasteland.

To create an excellent patient experience, leaders must begin with the healthcare caregivers in mind. Assessing and investing in their personal and professional growth goes a long way toward meeting their human needs, and in return yield excellent results for both patient experience and work culture.

The Oxygen Mask Principle

In other words, it is necessary to live out the Oxygen Mask Principle: Place the oxygen mask first on the caregiver, so they are able to place it securely and effectively on the patient.

The cultural development of healthcare organizations is the key to creating a land of promise for patients now and into the future. All people need to know that there is hope and compassion that awaits them when they need it in life the most.

Get the Guidebook

If you want help putting the “Care” back in “Healthcare,” get a copy of The Culture Cure: Transforming the Modern Healthcare System. It’s now available in print, digital, and audio formats. If we’re going to transform healthcare, we need to have a game plan and we need to stick together!

This book provides an insightful foundation required for transforming and hardwiring healthcare excellence. Let’s embrace this gameplan, live out gold standard leadership, and bring our healthcare industry back to a world class care model for the world.

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