Love is in the Air!

It that time of year when the heart shape Valentines begin popping up in advertisements, stores, social media and in many other places. It is also a season that there is a special fondness to an awesome 4 letter word. Not a bad word, but a positive word that in our world seems to be underused, or not demonstrated enough. That special four-letter word evokes so much emotion is LOVE.

“Love is a beautiful thing”, as the saying goes. The classic song in 1965 sung by Jackie DeShannon “What the World Needs now… is Love… sweet love”, is a reminder of how important love is in our world.

There are distinguishable kinds of love in our world; for example, the love shared in marriage, love between parents and children, love for country, love for our pets, love for God, and the list seems endless.

Love is vital to human life and growth. Abraham Maslow places love on the Maslow’s pyramid as a basic human need.

Love is written in the Bible 311 times. Studies find that premature babies and newborns that are cuddled daily and are given love and affection thrive better than those that are not.

Love appears as a positive and awesome emotion in humans. Endorphins, our pleasure hormone are released in our body just by experiencing it.

Genuine love for other people is unselfish. Love given without anything expected back in return. There is a not a scoreboard when genuine love is expressed.

Love and Service

Love expects the best in others. Often, I have observed this in healthcare and other service industries that deals with the health and wellbeing of others. The love and graciousness of healthcare colleagues that care for total strangers on a daily basis, expressing love, and expecting nothing in return.

I have directly observed this loving care by thousands of healthcare workers for other people’s needs. These amazing caregivers go into homes, health clinics, hospitals, skilled/rehab facilities, doctor offices, and even in tents in disaster stricken areas, war zones, or third world countries, as well as many more types of settings for the sake of helping others.

They exuberate love for human life, that is born or unborn, young and elderly, sick, hurt, or well. They are our Valentines each day in America and around the world.

Healthcare colleagues are the salt and light of the world. A reference that I also give to our military, and our faith leaders, that give so unselfishly for the health and wellbeing of others.

This Valentine’s Day, I salute all the many people that provide love to others daily in America and throughout this world!

Love truly makes our world go around!

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1 Comment

  1. ROY JOHNSON says:

    Ms. Pam, no one could said this better!!
    Love is ACTION, and so glad you gave recognition to our health care givers.
    I am blessed also to see there Love in action 24/7, red yellow black or white,
    poor, rich homeless, if they are a patient they get special care. PTL