Mothers Day in Anguilla

It is true that no matter where you are, your mother can find you.

I was celebrating my wedding anniversary this past week in the beautiful island of Anguilla in the West Indies. My husband and I took our jeep rental down a path to a quite beach that was met by turquoise seas to Shoal Bay.

After snorkeling and just taking in the majestic beauty of our surroundings, we decided to take a stroll down the beach. As we walked along we began to hear tunes of Reggae music playing (which is my favorite) and soon began to smell grilled food. We walked closer and we discovered grills cooking chicken and ribs over wood at a rustic beach grill called Qwens. There were umbrellas and picnic tables welcoming people to drop by.

Then an Anguilian lady walks out, just like a mother would and announces that lunch was ready.

It smelled just like being at my Mom’s house where my sisters and our families gathered always on Mother’s Day, and of course always on the top of the menu was grilled BBQ chicken. There was something about a Sunday Mother’s day that went with grilling food. The grass was turning green and dogwood were blooming as well as the roses and being the southerners it just called for BBQ chicken. Great food paired with a day of not having a care in the world, just enjoying family and life.

A beautiful day at the beach on Mother’s Day, the smell of chicken cooking on the grill, and swaying palm tree leaves in the tropical wind, took me back to so many great Mother’s day with my Mom.

Although this day I was thousands of miles from my parents home – and it had been 15 years since my mother passed – I felt Mom’s closeness and love. I knew my Mom would be so happy I was spending Mother’s Day with her in Anguilla!

What a special Mother’s Day it was!

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