My Journey to Authorship

My Journey to Authorship

Friends have asked me what it was like to write a book? Most the time I laugh and state; “after three years of weekends spent mostly writing, and gaining some extra pounds, it feels really super good now!”

Every person that has written a book probably has their own specific story on how the book was inspired, titled, and the many things that occurred along the way.

The Culture Cure by Pamela TrippMy story begins about 6 years ago. The truth is I considered writing a book on healthcare transformation for 3 years before I actually began. During the three years prior to beginning my writing, people would hear me speak about healthcare and follow up saying “you should write a book!”

In addition to this, I felt a constant nudging that I believe was from a higher power to write a book. This came after I had spent over 20 years searching for answers in regard to developing a sustainable, high-performing environment in healthcare. At this point in my career, I had developed a curriculum of excellence for the healthcare environment and had tested it out in a challenging organization.

My first book “The Culture Cure: Transforming the Modern Healthcare System” came after I had developed my healthcare curriculum named, Corporate Transcendence. In that book, I share the proven principles that can turn any organization around.

So I guess in someways, my book was being molded for many years during my career as a healthcare leader.

I knew absolutely nothing about writing or publishing a book and had to begin by finding help. I joined a group called Author Academy Elite (President- Kary Osberbrunner), and with other young writers, I began to walk through the stages of becoming an author. There was some self-doubt at times, but persistence in believing what I was writing about was important to help others, always won out in the end.

Now that the first book is published, this reminds me of having children. After the labor, you forget the pain and have another child.

I can look back on my experience and share that it was important for me to have someone or others that truly believed in me and my book. It was more difficult than I thought, due to having to build a social media presence, as a necessary part of being an author.

Working full time and writing a book was a challenge. I lost many of my weekends, and got up early to write while watching the sunrise. But having said all this, I am glad I did it and look forward to using the lessons I learned to help me in writing my second book.

It is like the saying goes, “If you think you can, You CAN!”

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