Complex Problems Require Highly Communicative Leadership

Complex Problems Require Highly Communicative Leadership

The Good Old Days

Have you ever wondered why problem solving in the workplace seems to become so much more complicated? Gone are the days of a leader giving a simple directive to a subordinate, action following, and in record time problem is solved. This is considered by many leaders as the good old days, right?

But sadly, when this style of leadership is attempted today, it is most often not readily accepted by the workforce and does not typically solve the issue. Now, in fact, it may magnify the problem.

Things Have Changed

Leading this way can cause frustration for workers, and is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. People in the workforce think differently, because the task and functions playing out in the work environment is more technology, process, and systems based. Rare are the instantaneous solution directed by single leader.

Our world has moved on, and is much more complicated and complex than it was even 25 years ago.

Analogy of the Kite

Reflecting as a child growing up, my sisters and I would make kites out of newspaper and take our Mom’s stockings and, tying knots in them, attach them to our homemade kites. Running as fast as we could, a gulf of wind would grab the kite, and we would would watch it ascend. The knotted stocking tail seemed to give it the lift needed take it higher.

Observing the kite floating in air, the tail of the kite seems to be whipping in multiple directions. Solving problems today is like trying to catch the tail of a kite. There connecting pieces to solving the problem seem to be scattered everywhere. A new approach to problem solving is required.

System Thinking

In today’s world, modern problems are solved through system thinking. That requires a different approach from the traditional, more hierarchical leadership days. Today’s leaders must build teams with unique expertise and strengths to provide the framework required to tackle the more complicated and connecting parts of their problems.

Collaborative Leadership

Highly collaborative leadership fosters open, transparent communication from all levels and functions of an organization. This is the key component to successfully solving modern day problems. Valuing different perspectives, while assessing and processing information and data, will yield sustainable solutions needed.

Embracing problems through collaborative and highly communicable leadership teams is the systemic solution to creating better outcomes. Rethinking our approach to problem solving may require more thought and time, but the payoff will lift your organization to new heights.

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