What is Behind a Thank You?

What is Behind a Thank You?

It seems that stating the two words “Thank You” does not always adequately express what a person truly desires to communicate.

My parents taught me from a young age that it is good manners to say “thank you” for a kind act or deed from another person.

Thank You can be stated to a person that provides a simple gesture of holding a door open for you, or could be spoken to a heroic person that may have saved your life.

Sometimes I struggle with how to adequately express my appreciation for people who have made a difference in my life in meaningful ways. In fact, I can think of many people that deserve a Thank You, who have impacted my life daily in significant ways.

Many people, I may not have a close relationship with, but admire the way they lead their life none the less. I need to say Thank You to them for influencing my life in a positive way.

The Culture Cure by Pamela Tripp

Writing my First Book

In authoring my first book, I have a whole list of people have done so. On many occasions over the past 3 years I was influenced by others to help me stay focused and keep pressing forward.

There is no way I could adequately thank all the people that inspired and expressed faith in my writing. This helped me to stay focused, persistence and keep writing and writing and writing.

My work colleagues, fellow authors who I met, my writing coach, marketing coach, my fellow believers that prayed for me, multiple leadership mentors, and casual friends that encouraged me, deserve a huge Thank You!

The statement that nothing of significance in life is done alone, is so true. I am extremely grateful for the many people that have made a difference in my life and helped me to grow and accomplish my dream of writing about transforming healthcare to be the best it can be!

With my all my heart and soul I say “THANK YOU!”

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