Positively Contagious Healthcare Organizations

When we think of something that is labeled as communicable and contagious, we think of something to avoid. The common cold, the flu or various strands of viruses. Yikes!

The thought of this keeps us washing our hands, buying sanitizers, avoiding crowded places certain times of the year, and distancing ourselves from people that sneeze or cough in repetition.

We have been taught since a child that transmittal of harmful microorganism come from direct and indirect contact with people, doorknobs, or just about anything we can imagine. It now seems abnormal to shop for groceries without looking for the free disposable disinfectant cloths to wipe the handle down on the grocery cart.

Positively Contagious

But what if we shift our thinking to consider something that is positive instead of negative, communicable and contagious. Sounds a little strange I have to agree.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what we desire our healthcare or work environment to be; Positive, Communicable and Contagious. So what are the sure signs that an organization possess this?

How will you know if your organization has these symptoms?

A Positive Environment

First the organization will be described by its employees, guest, patients, providers and leaders as a positive environment to function in. Positive workplace is one that does not inspire fear or exacerbate insecurities; it is one that prohibits micromanagement and excessively tight controls.

A Culture of Valuing People

Colleagues are valued and their work and strengths appreciated. Positive energy is felt in the way daily work is approached and problems solved. It is the expected dominate attitude of choice for the organization.

Communication is Key

A communicable organization is one that values communication and has multiple venues of communication among its stakeholders. Behaviors, verbal and written communication is frequent open and transparent in nature. Information is shared and exchanged between colleagues, patients, providers, leaders, and guest that create trust. Colleagues are well informed and understand the value of sharing information to support each other and deliver optimal care to patients.

Positively Communicable, Positively Healthy

Having a positive and highly communicable work environment is descriptive of a healthy organization. This is an environment that draws people to be a part of it. The organization has the reputation of exhibiting a positive supporting and trusting environment. The organization is contagious, because it affects people’s emotions through their feelings and attitudes. Positive attitudes, open communication that builds trusting relationships will create a chemistry that is contagious when people look for workplace options.

A positive, communicable, contagious organization will attract the most optimal candidates for employment and is well worth the effort it takes to achieve these symptoms in an organization.

Be Contagious!

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