Free Work Culture Assessment

Work culture is powerfully important. We have been hearing that in every sector of business and healthcare alike, WORK CULTURE is one of the strongest determinants of your organization’s success.

But how do know the health status of your work culture?

Before anything can be improved, it must first be assessed and understood. There are simple ways to improve your understanding the employee work experience. One of the effective ways I have administered a work culture assessment is to use a simple survey with all the employees on a particular team or department.

The Questions Matter

The way you go about assessing the work culture has a great impact on your ability to make changes. For example, you could ask a few people whether they “like their work culture.” The yes/no answers will tell you something, but don’t advance you toward clear steps that can be taken to improve the situation.

Free Work Culture Assessment

In my new book, The Culture Cure: Transforming the Modern Healthcare System, I share a proven work culture assessment. In that book, I share the powerful, well-tested Work Culture Assessment that can move any organization forward into expanded understanding.

Saving You Some Work

Rather than making you wait for your copy of The Culture Cure to arrive, I want to share this powerful tool so that you can begin your organization’s culture transformation immediately.

Good for Managers

You don’t have to be the CEO before you can begin impacting your work culture. Get started by putting your finger on the pulse of your team. Use the Corporate Transcendence Free Culture Assessment to see what is happening now, and get a clear picture of the elements that can be improved.

So Download Your Free Work Culture Assessment today!


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