Inspiration Matters

Inspiration Isn’t Optional

Even as a busy CEO, I know that if we don’t tend to inspiration needs of colleagues and team members at every level, it puts our culture in danger. Our people cannot be resilient, excellent, and dependable if they are chronically discouraged and uninspired. They need encouragement. They need inspiration. To have the kind of team that’s possible, I’ve learned that my time is well spent anytime I encourage or inspire my people. And that is why I’ve started sending a weekly inspirational email to my friends and colleagues.

It’s a Tough Industry

I understand the world of healthcare, the complexity of it. Living and working in this industry, I realize that it can be extremely stressful, overwhelming, and draining. It drags the energy out of your mind and body. Even living through a typical day at work can take it out of you.

What I’m Doing About It

One way I’ve found to share simple encouragement with as many people as possible is through sending inspiration by email on a weekly basis. Just one email, just a few words of encouragement and positive energy each week. I’ve been thrilled with the positive responses I’ve gotten from the friends and colleagues who have signed up for the email.

Would You Like Weekly Inspiration?

So I want to open the invitation to you! Would you like to receive one simple email of encouragement and spark of inspiration this week? Just sign up below, and I’ll be happy to include you.

You Are So Valuable

Whether you sign up for the weekly boost or not, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that you have gifts, you add value to any organization or team you work with. YOU are the key to success, the difference maker in healing healthcare in America. Go forward into your week, be proud of your efforts, and remember that you matter!

Sign Up for Encouragement:

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