The White Coat Isn’t Bulletproof

Healthcare Superheroes

So often, the healthcare team is made up of everyday superheroes. The doctors whose expertise makes treatment options possible, the nurse who pays attention to the details of care like they would for their own mothers, the many ancillary department support staff who have a kind word and helping hand during a difficult recovery. Each of these people lifts the weight off of our shoulders and does what they can to block all of the medical “bullets” they can.

If we’re not careful, we can begin to assume the white coats and bright scrubs are bulletproof. We’ve watched our team save the day, day-after-day, so we get used to it. We begin to expect it.

Our Heroes are Suffering

As leaders (and occasionally as patients) we need to remember that in many ways the healthcare workers often feel like victims of an overburdened system. Suicide among medical physicians is at an all time high. In this over-regulated, underserved industry, healthcare professionals are suffering.

We know that there are fewer people than ever going into the medical profession, and it’s important that we recognize why. Healthcare has suffered a societal black eye, and on a day-to-day basis, it often bruises the incredible men and women who serve on our healthcare teams.

Restoring Hope to Healthcare

When all this said, restoring hope is going to be the key for rescuing the people already in the profession, and changing the industry into one that attracts our best minds and hearts into the field. Our healthcare culture is sick and unfortunately, this is toxic to our daily superheroes. Transformation is needed and a culture cure available, let’s take care of our healthcare professionals.

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