What is Working in Healthcare

For healthcare leaders and innovators, our focus is often on fixing the brokenness, overcoming barriers, and solving problems that our current healthcare system has. But the brokenness of the system does not show the whole picture.

Not Everything Is Broken.

My time in the world of healthcare is spent largely on building thriving, transformational healthcare teams. I am continually inspired by the people in this challenging service industry. Every day I see healthcare workers serve their patients in ways that are noble and humane. These healthcare employees are compassionate and caring individuals, dedicated to taking care of people in their less-than-desirable place whether due to trauma or sickness.

We Value Human Life

For every horror story of someone who was under-served by a health institution, there are hundreds of interactions that demonstrates our value of human life as a nation. Even the outrage that responds to failures in the system further demonstrate our consensus of the preciousness of life and the rights of patients everywhere.

We Continue to Research & Advance

We also see continual advancements in research to treat and sustain life for life-threatening diseases and conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Advancements in prosthetics and artificial limbs, stem cell research, liver and kidney transplants. Even rehabilitation has evolved, getting patients back to whole living faster and more completely – regardless of age. Huge leaps in early detection and proactive treatment are changing the country’s health landscape. Advancement in Alzheimer’s and Dementia treatment have definitely taken place, even though we have a long way to go. I’m also excited about the progress we are making in genetic mapping, developing our understanding of our genes and the things we can do to genetically to improve behavioral health!

We Support Patient Involvement

In addition to research that improves care, advancements in technology, like electronic medical records, make it possible for patients to have access to their own medical records and reports first hand. This is a revolutionary advancement, expanding the ease and capacity for patients to be involved in their own care. Even apps like MyChart make it intuitive for today’s patients to become proactive in promoting their well being, and addressing health issues as part of their own healthcare team.

Our Patients Are Well-Informed

People are smarter about their own healthcare, and more involved in researching their problems and treatments due to the explosion of research available on the internet. This can drastically improve compliance with the plans developed by their healthcare team, and extend sickness treatment into well care activities to build a healthier life.

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