Curing Healthcare From Within

What Kind of Healthcare Leader Are You?

Today, as America’s health leaders, we choose how we will be recorded  in history.

Will we be described as  obedient followers of mandates, tradition, laissez faire, or habitual reacting leaders? Will we be described as transformational thought leaders, innovators, seekers of excellence, challengers of status quo?

World Class Healthcare

Today’s healthcare is not for traditional thinkers, but for innovators and risk takers. It demands new approaches allowing  the patient to be given free rein as a collaborator with their healthcare team. An unprecedented level of responsibility lies on American healthcare leaders today. If we want to rise up and stop being followers in the world market, we will need to step up to create a new delivery system.

Constructive Disruption

In my time transforming broken healthcare systems, I’ve learned the priceless value of constructive disruption. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to turn the apple cart over and reinvent a better wheel – better healthcare in America. All change begins with disruption – the question is how can this be done now to transcend the broken system we have and construct a new future?

Curing Healthcare From Within

The answers are always in the room. Healthcare colleagues within all healthcare organizations have the secret sauce  to take healthcare to new heights. Not just the administrators, physicians, or those with authority, but all the healthcare professional team working together.

No matter how many lofty goals, objectives, and endless attempts of well-intentioned people, the answers to present and future excellence of healthcare comes from within the walls of healthcare organizations from all the healthcare colleagues that practice it.

Healthcare TeamA Special Kind of Leader

There is no one selective group or stakeholder within healthcare that can have all the answers, but the collective collaborative brain power of  all those that understand it from being up close and personal inside healthcare can find solutions and answers. Pulling the rubies and diamond out of the healthcare colleagues, the individuals that play a role in healthcare everyday is the key to tapping into this vein of  healthcare knowledge wealth. It takes a leader to unlock the excellence that lies within the walls of healthcare in America.

The transformational healthcare leader must use their  skills to develop an infrastructure that will  connect, influence, and release this internal power and creativity from within each organization, yielding new best practices and innovation for the future well being of our industry.

Leaders Create Leaders

Leaders must grow future leaders of healthcare by concentrating efforts on developing healthcare organizations from within. Investing in creating leaders within your organization deposits deeply into the organization’s employee gold mine to get the best results and outcomes. (We talk about this in a March Article – People: The Mark of a Successful Organization.)

This strategy will yield results that compound, allowing an organization to gain influence in its community, market,  state and on a national level.

Don’t you just hate it when the answer is literally standing in front of you? Take a fresh look at your employees…they really are diamonds. Innovation, insight, and best practices walk by healthcare leaders everyday in hallways. Go mining and find them!



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