A Word for 2017

Don’t Just DO

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a brand new year is to envision what I’d like the new year to be. To think about the way I want to live and feel and lead in the new year.

Sometimes I think of goals. Maybe I look back over the previous year to pull some “do again,” “don’t do again,” and “try something different” insights from the last 12 months. But if that’s all I do, I run the risk of walking into the new year with nothing but an inflated “To Do” list, and am focused only on accomplishing tasks.

What about having a vision for how I want my year to feel for myself, what I want it to feel like for the team I’m leading? How do I want to see the opportunities in front of me? What I’ve realized is that no matter how much I do or do not get done in a year, the doing is never enough.

So if you’re like me and you want to be a human BEING, and not just a human DOING in 2017, maybe you could choose a One Word Vision for the new year.

Cast the Vision for Your Organization

If you are leading or managing a team or organization, there is great power in choosing a word for your professional world. Imagine if there was a driving force behind your work? Something that gives you energy and guides you as you try to make a difference for yourself and the people you lead, serve, and care about.

What if Your Word Was…Culture

What if your word was Culture? Organizations throughout the world are seeing that culture is the difference maker for productivity, longevity, financial success, outcomes, and satisfaction.

Culture is so critical to the function and success of healthcare organizations that last year I published my first book, The Culture Cure: Transforming the Modern Healthcare System.

Whether you are in the healthcare industry or not, culture is the glue that holds a thriving team together for liftoff, or binds a broken team to the sinking ship of a failing organization.

As a CEO and in my decades of experience leading teams I’ve found no other area of focus that yields a more massive return on investment.

Make Better Decisions

When your team uses a one-word strategy for the year, it can support your decision-making process. If you choose Culture for your team’s 2017 word, as you evaluate competing opportunities, programs, or incentives for you team you can ask yourself “Does this option contribute to creating the culture I want for my people? Would one of the other options contribute more effectively toward our culture development goals?”

Have More Confidence

The best part about doing this is that it gives you the confidence after-the-fact, and an added level of satisfaction in your choice. You’ll know that the choice wasn’t just made out of exhaustion, chance, or the last voice you had in your ear.

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  1. Great idea! I’m sitting here trying to think of a one word strategy for my team of people! Hmmm? You have definitely given me something to think about. Happy new year.