May We Never Forget

Memorial Day 2016 is a national holiday, and a special time in our nation, when we pause, remember and give honor to our Americans who have given the most ultimate sacrifice for our great nation.

Individuals who are willing to give it all for our country, to protect our freedoms. Americans Soldiers that take an oath to protect those that they will never know personally. Our military men and women believe in something greater, beyond themselves. They know that a free and a wonderful quality life, full of unlimited opportunity, is a life that is intentionally sought.

So as we enjoy this meaningful Memorial holiday. We remember, celebrate and commemorate those that have sacrificed their life and suffered to preserve our American Dream!

We give special honor to the parents of these courageous men and women. We salute and realize your sacrifice in having a child that has served our country in such a valuable way.

We pray special blessings on the spouses, children and families of our soldiers as they support their family member in our armed services.

Ultimately we thank God for his favor, protection and pray for continued mercy and wisdom for the future of our great nations.

May we always be One Nation, Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL!

Happy Memorial Day!

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