Leveraging Diversity in the C-Suite

 Leveraging Diversity in the C-Suite

Why is it important for Leaders to leverage diversity when it comes to selection of their C-Suite or top leadership?

The best response I learned from real life experience. When leadership reflects or becomes a mirror to the diversity of the workforce, it strengthen the organization.

Leadership Should Reflect the Team

Naturally, a work force feels valued when they see their race, gender, or ethnicity in individuals who are positioned in higher levels of authority in an organization.

Still in numerous industries beyond healthcare, diversity in the C-Suite many times do not reflect the ethnicity, gender, race of the work force they lead.

Recruiting a senior leader with the best abilities and knowledge for the organization as well as personal core values that fit the culture is first and foremost top priority, but Chief Executives that have the opportunity to employ top candidates that mirror their existing diverse workforce is a great advantage to the organization.

Core Culture and Diversity

The deficit of a diverse leadership team, could be perceived as a leadership and culture problem. Leaders have to embrace the core value of valuing ALL people and their input and perspective to feel comfortable with diverse leadership team.

In modern times, chief executive leaders can purposely fill open seats with highly educated and talented people with diverse backgrounds. They are available in the recruitment pool and can be grown from within the organization.

C- Suites will benefit intrinsically and work cultures improve when top leadership strives to reflect the workforce and the populations they serve.

How many times do we see organizations dominated by a single race or gender in senior leadership, and then see even more diversity among employees in the work environment?

Building a C-Suite of Excellence

This has improved to some degree in America, but in many organizations there still remains a gap between leaders, employees and the populations being served as far as representation among the top leaders.

Leveraging diversity is a key in an organization that takes the opportunity to build a C-Suite of excellence.

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